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At Wâhi, we know living your best life is a series of conscious choices. Make the better one every step of the way and you’ll always find yourself in a healthier place. We are passionate about being a positive source of good in everyone’s lifelong wellness journey. Today, we are focused on helping others elevate the way they hydrate with our refreshing, functional beverages. In the future, we’ll continue to look to nature for inspiration with well-curated, nutritionally beneficial choices in the most convenient, enjoyable ways possible.

Supplementing our diets is nothing new. WÂHIWATER just makes it easier. Pure and simple. We start with a targeted functional health benefit. Then, we look to natural sources to bring forward the most nutritionally significant way to achieve it.

From biotin to ginger, dandelion to ashwagandha every water we offer has been nurtured by nature without affecting the taste or clarity. Drink in the goodness of WÂHI.

plant powered

sourced from nature, curated for function, infused in water

the stuff legends

are made of

“Throughout my 14-year professional football career, I was fortunate to work with some of the world’s top trainers. Each stressed the importance of proper nutrition and hydration. I learned early on what I put into my body had a profound effect on not only what I could achieve on the field, but also how I recovered off it. 

I’m a walking testament that when you feed your body what it needs, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. My playing days are over, but my desire to maintain those healthy habits for myself and my family remains. When I heard about the health benefits of WÂHIWATER, I wanted to be involved from the start - not only as an endorser, but as the company’s first investor.

To me, this isn’t just another bottled water. This has the promise of something more - an all natural, health-enhanced water that provides real functional benefits to your everyday life.”

-Randy Moss

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